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Tennis Reservation Guide

After much research, the Peoria Reservation Design System was selected by the Committee and has been endorsed by our Board of Governors and the APTA.  All members have the ability to make a reservation or check court availability on-line.
To Make a Reservation:

Click on the button on the right hand side.
Now you will see the Glens Falls Tennis Court Reservations Page. You will also see “Please select 4 names to make a reservation” on the upper left corner of the page.

Only today’s date will be showing at the top of the reservation page. NOTE: However, you can pick another date up to 6 days in advance to make a reservation after you click “Show another day”. The system will not allow a reservation to be made for more than 6 days in advance.

Click on the desired date of play and the date will appear above. Make sure the requested date does appear so no mistakes are made.
Click “Reserve” under the Court selection (#1, #2, #3 or #4) for the time you want to play.

Select the amount of time you wish to play. Minimum 60 minutes OR Maximum 90 minutes of play. This system allows for courts to have different sessions so that the time is not fixed for all courts.

For example, if court #3 has a 60 minute reservation, 60 or 90 minutes play could be reserved thereafter, if available.
After you click “Reserve”, and have chosen the amount of time you want to play, go to “Select Name” and find YOUR last name and first name initial from the alphabetical list of members provided. The person making the reservation is the first name listed, followed by the names of the remaining 3 players. NOTE: If you are inviting 1-3 NON-MEMBER GUESTS to play, you will need to select “Guest 1, Guest 2 or Guest 3 found under the “G’s” listed alphabetically. This can only be done once per day Monday through Friday. The member inviting the guests will be asked to provide the names of each guest and will be charged the appropriate guest fee.

After all names have been entered, the first selected player making the reservation must “Enter Tennis Pass #” and type in his/her 4 digit membership number, on their account statement. If a pass # is not entered the reservation will not be approved after you click on “Confirm the Reservation”.

If you would like a written confirmation, you can click on “Admin” on the bottom of the page. It will redirect you to another page allowing you to click “Print” a copy of your confirmation. The page with your name, date and court # will also be proof of your reservation.

Additional Notes Regarding Reservations 

Should another member mistakenly use a pass code of another person the reservation will be erased.  This edit will be known by the system Administrator. The pass code will need to be changed and the violator’s name published.

The system will not allow the same time to be reserved by the same group on a different court that day. If this happens, reservations will be recorded and the violators will be published on the daily sheet posted in the hut.

Reservations will prevail; they can be made at the last hour if a court is available

A reservation will be considered cancelled when only 1 player is available to play when 15 minutes of the reserved time has elapsed. The reservation will be considered good, when 2 or more players are available after 15 minutes has elapsed.

Cancel a Reservation:

To change or cancel the reservation, the player who made the reservation must be the one to make the change or cancellation. Click the “X” in the Court reservation box then enter your name on the first line as the person who initially reserved the court, followed by your pass code #. Then click “Cancel this reservation only”.  Once cancelled you may restart the reservation process if adding or changing a name or rescheduling a court time. Please be sure to cancel your reservation in a timely fashion so other members have an opportunity to reserve and use the courts.

Reservation Questions/Website Issues:

The Primary administrator (aka: ADMIN)  for the Tennis Court reservation system will be Member Services Coordinator, Rose Angelo. Please contact Rose at 518-792-1186 or e-mail with any Website issues or questions.

The Tennis Committee thanks you in advance for utilizing the court reservation system whenever you play.