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   Golf Club Atlas listed Glens Falls Country Club as their #4 choice of 50 Golf Courses in North America they would most like to see.

In 2015, Golf Course Atlas published a Hole by Hole review of our Course.
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Quotes From Renowned Experts
Since discovering this hidden gem I have encouraged
many golf architects and aficionados to come see the
course. Each has expressed their surprise at how incredible
Glens Falls is and wondered why it's not known and rated
among the country's best.

Ian Andrew - Golf Course Architect

How has such a fine course escaped attention this long?
The first time I came here I was immediately awestruck by
the undulations on the opening hole and was eventually
grinning as I passed the 17th green. It turned out I hadn't
seen anything yet and as we worked our way around I was
blown away by its brilliance.

Tom Doak - The Confidential Guide Volume 3

And what an ideal setting the course has!
Nature has out done herself in her own way.
Range after range of mountains which rise up to meet the blue sky, their blue and purple peaks blending with the azure blue of the fleece -flecked heavens and their verdantly laden slopes with lofty pines and ever greens forming an almost artificial fringe for the course itself.
J. Lewis Brown -Former Editor of Golf Illustrated 
Author of Golf at Glens Falls

Glens Falls is an attractive course because it has so many natural holes with thrilling topography.

David Normoyle - Golf Historian