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Junior Golf Schedule 
(2018  In Process of Being Updated )

Golf Pro Tom Haggerty and the Assistant Golf Professionals are excited to bring you information on our upcoming 2017 Summer Junior Golf Program!  We have a great lineup of camps, contests and events for the junior golfer.  Members' children, grandchildren, extended family and friends are welcome!

No equipment is needed; we will provide clubs for anyone who needs them.  Proper golf attire and appropriate footwear is required for all participants.  The Golf Shop is fully stocked with shirts for boys and girls, so please stop by to outfit your future superstar with the best in logo'd junior apparel from Nike and Under Armour!


Lessons                                                              Ages 10 & Under                                               Ages 11 & Up                                          
Tues. June 27th                                                     9 am to 10 am                                                   10 am to 11am
Wed. June 28th                                                     9 am to 10 am                                                   10 am to 11am
Thurs. June 29th                                                    9 am to 10 am                                                   10 am to 11am  
Fri. June 30th                                                        9 am to 10 am                                                   10 am to 11am
Wed. July 5th                                                     All ages 9 am to 10 am     
Wed. July 12th                                                   All ages 9 am to 10 am   
Wed. July 19th                                                   All ages 9 am to 10 am   
Wed. July 26th                                                   All ages 9 am to 10 am   
TOURNAMENTS                                                8:00am Start
Mon. July 10th                                                      Open Golf                                                       3-6-9-18 Holes          
Mon. July 17th                                                       No Golf                                                          Outing
Mon. July 24th                                                       Open Golf                                                      3-6-9-18 Holes 
Sun. July 30th                                               Parent- Child PM Time                                            3-6-9-18 Holes 
Mon. July 31st                                                       Open Golf                                                      3-6-9-18 Holes 
Mon Aug. 7th                                                         Open Golf                                                     3-6-9-18 Holes 
Mon. Aug 14th                                                        Open Golf                                                    3-6-9-18 Holes 
Sun Aug 27th                                                        Club Championship PM Time                         3-6-9-18 Holes 
Mon. Aug 28th                                                        Mixed Scramble                                           3-6-9-18 Holes 


The cost is $50.00 Per Junior



*Tournaments and Dates are subject to change
** Parents are encouraged to follow along with the juniors if possible on Mondays!

Please also remember that individual instruction with our Assistant Golf Professionals is also available.  For a one-time $300 fee for unlimited lessons , we will be at the service of your Junior Golfer as often as you want to schedule  lessons for them for the entire season!

In addition, a Monday Play-Day schedule is being developed and will be distributed at Junior Camp!

Please contact the Golf Shop to reserve your spot in Junior Camp ASAP!

If you have any questions regarding our Junior Golf Program, please contact the Golf Shop, 518-793-0021!

We look forward to seeing you here soon!

Tom Haggerty

Head Golf Professional

Scott Mundell

Assistant Golf Professional

Anthony Therrien

Assistant Golf Professional