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 WGA Tournament Handbook
( not updated for 2018)


GFCC Women’s Golf Association
18 Hole League
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Women’s Golf Association
18 Hole League
Tournament Committee for 2015


Chair: Kris Hatch
Vice Chair:  Nicole Ryan
Treasurer:   Jill Paltrowitz
Secretary:  Pam Garside
Communication  Chair:  Charlanne McDonough
Hospitality Chairs:  Kate Meath and Dale Nemer
Major Tournament  Chairs:  Karin Gentner, Nancy Hyman & Dianne Meckler
Special Tournaments Chairs: Michele Ross
GFCC Board Representative and Women’s Golf Association                                
                                          Chair:  Kris Hatch

The 18 Hole League’s Tournament Committee is expanded by sub-committees composed of 18 Hole League members.
Membership in the 18 Hole League is open to all GFCC women golfers playing to at least a local 40.4 index. The fee is $85 additional to your $50 included in your Comprehensive Golf fee. This allows you to participate in any league function and be eligible for prizes. For information, contact Kate Meath or Dale Nemer, the Hospitality Co-Chairs.
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 GFCC Women’s Golf Association
Welcome to the 18 Hole League’s 2015 Season:  GFCC Women’s Golf Association provides an opportunity for all women to participate in an organized
18 Hole League that meets on Wednesdays from early May through early October.

New this year:
  • All Wednesday tournaments will be played from the gold tee markers.
  • The Red and Blue tournaments have become regular Wednesday tournaments. The Red and Blue competitive teams will be made up for each tournament by handicap. They are still on the last Wednesday of the month.
  • There is a new offsite event at Hiland Golf course on September 3, 2014.
  • The GFCC Website will have a lot of information regarding the 18 Hole League so please log on and check it out.
  • There are 5 afternoon shotguns: Spring Fling, Mystery Partner, Member Guest, Fall Guest Day, and Snowbird.
  • Birdies and Eagles competition is only on Wednesdays, tournament day. Players must record their own scores.
  • Any questions about tournament play should be discussed with the Pro Shop to insure fair play.
  • Everyone is responsible for posting her own score after each tournament including Tournament scores “T”.  Tournament Scores “T” are for the following tournaments: Pro’s Tournament, Red and Blue Individual Match Play, Club Championship, Senior Championships and President’s Cup. 
Overall:  The 18 Hole League’s tournament committee has planned a variety of competitions  featuring foursomes made up of ABCD players, groups  randomly chosen by computer, flighted events  and also making one’s own foursome.
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18 Hole League General Information and Rules

18 Hole golfers play on Wednesdays with an 8:30 shotgun start. Please sign up for lunch at the bulletin board. Be ready to receive announcements by 8:15 a.m.

All golfers are to sign up for weekly events by noon the preceding day.  Special tournaments are by five o’clock the preceding Sunday.    

To be eligible for prizes, a member must have paid her League dues ($85) and have an established handicap. New   members should check with the Pro Shop for a computer ID number; bring your GHIN history or 5 score cards for a
temporary handicap.

The maximum index permitted in League is 40.4. Net events will use 100% handicaps except
Partner’s Best Ball.                                                                 

The ‘2 Club’ is a national club membership. When a player gets a 2 on a hole she is eligible to join the ‘2 Club’ and get a “2”pin or bag tag. Information is posted in the Ladies locker room.

Player responsibility includes strict observance of the rules of golf etiquette and traditions of the game.
Cell phones should be used discreetly to respect other players.

GPS Sky Golf  Sky Caddie is available at GFCC. This may be used during regular and Tournament play.


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   18 Hole League      2015 Highlights
Major Tournaments:                                                                           Chair Persons
Partners Best Ball- Begins June 1                                                   Karin Gentner
      Sign up in the Pro Shop by May 26                                           Nancy Hyman                                             
 Pro’s Tournament- June 4   "T"                                                      Dianne Meckler
 Member-Member- June 18 & 19
  Club Championships          "T"          
     Senior Flights  -  August 8  (Friday) 
Championship -  August 16 & 17 Gross & Net 
President’s Cup- September 10     "T" 

Special Tournaments:                                                                           Michele Ross

  Member Guest - July 16                                                                                          Meg Hughes / HeidiVittengl
 Spring Fling- May 21                                                                                                  Kit Burkich / Wendy Schiavi   
  Fall Guest Day - Sept 17                                                                                            TBA
  Snowbird - Oct 8                                                                                                        Linda Boden/ Linda Johnson / Joan Lapham
Season Long Events:
Birdies and Eagles : May 1  – October 2
Most Improved : May 1  – October 2        
"T" Tournament Score
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Partner’s Best Ball

A Match Play competition between two-player teams. USGA Rules for four ball best ball apply. (2 players vs. 2 players)
Sign Up: Choose a partner and then sign up your team in the Pro Shop. The sign up deadline is May 26, 2014.
                 Teams will be seeded and posted in the Ladies locker room. Play begins June 1.

Scheduled Timetable For Play:
First Round is to be completed no later than June 30.
Second Round is to be completed no later than July 31.
Third Round is to be completed no later than August 31.
Fourth Round is to be completed no later than September 30.
90% Handicap:
Each day that you play a match, use your up-to-date USGA course handicap which is posted inside the entrance to the Pro Shop. 90% of your handicap will be used for this tournament. The USGA states it is up to the individual club to determine handicap allowance for partner’s best ball. The tournament committee had decided on a 90% allowance. Play off the lowest handicap in the foursome. The Pro shop can help you with marking your scorecards.

Start On The First Hole:          
Mark and exchange cards.
In case of a tie after 18 holes, the match will continue on the first hole.            
Play will continue on consecutive holes until one team wins.

Failure To Play Before The Scheduled Deadline:
If a match is not completed within the deadline, both teams will be
defaulted unless one team has conceded. Conflicts will be resolved by the Major Tournament Chairs.

The Winners and Runners up will be announced at the awards ceremony following the Snowbird.
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Saratoga National               May 6                                                                                                     
Stroke Play: Gross and Net Prizes    $60 Fee includes cart
Sign up for tee times in our Pro Shop; you can make your own foursome. Prizes determined by the number of players.

3 Clubs & A Putter               May 13
 V.I.P Tournamnet  May 20 
Stroke play:  Net Prizes
Junior Division:  50 and under
Intermediate Division:  51-60
Senior Division:  over 61-70
Golden Girl Division:   71 and over
Spring Fling  May 27        12:30 shotgun start
The team is an ABCD foursome (one player from each flight)
1-2-3 Team Event  
     One best score on par 5’s -  Two best scores on par 4’s  -
     Three best scores on par 3’s
The Spring Fling is the first party of the golfing season!     
Call the club for dinner Reservations.


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Pro’s Tournament  June 3      "T" Score
Stroke Play: Gross & Net  Prizes donated by Tom Haggerty
Handicap 100%; maximum 44
USGA Tie-breaking rules in effect

Mystery Partner   June 10     12:30 shotgun
 Stroke Play: Best Ball Net Only 
 Sign up in our Pro Shop; you can make your own foursome
 Tee off as a foursome playing your own ball.
 Blind two –man teams are drawn by the Pro Shop and are a secret until everyone is off the golf course.
Red and Blue June 17
Team Best Ball- Stroke Play
Two player team, red twosome against blue twosome.
On each hole, take the better net score of the twosome.

Member-Member  June 24 & 25                         
Stroke Play: Gross and Net Prizes
Day #1-The team chooses the better Gross and Net ball on each hole.  
Day #2 The team chooses the better Gross and Net ball on each hole. 

The team adds the Gross score from day #1 and day#2 for their final Gross score.
The team adds the Net score from day #1 and day#2 for their final Net score.                                                                              
Red and Blue  June 25
Foursomes               Stroke Play
Two player team, red twosome against blue twosome
Before you begin the tournament, each team will choose who will tee off on the first hole and then alternate teeing off after that regardless
of who holes out. Partners alternate shots until ball is holed out.
Total gross score minus one-half of combined handicap is your team score.


Stableford      July 1
                The Good the Bad and the Ugly
Albatross      5 Points       Eagle   4  Points                            
Birdie           3  Points      Par        2  Points
Bogey          1  Point        Anything Else  0  Point

Use your net score and tally your points on each hole. Add up your total points at the end of 18 holes.
The winners are the players with the most points.
Best 2 Ball Scramble  July 8
Handicap 100%       Team Prizes: Gross and Net
The team is an ABCD foursome (one player from each flight)
Each player tees off. The team determines the most desirable shot and all players hit their second shot from this position.
From this point on, each player plays her own ball through the green. The team must use each player’s drive twice.

  Member Guest  July 15     (practice round July 15)
Stoke Play, Gross & Net
Format : Best Ball of 2 player teams
Entry Fee: $135    12:30 shotgun
Cocktails immediately following in the Crest lounge.
Dinner and Awards Ceremony in the Main Dining Room.

   Fewest Putts Jul  23 ????
Play a regular round of golf and keep track of your putts.
The players with the fewest putts for 18 holes will win a prize.

Red and Blue July 29    “T” score
Individual Match Play
Match play- strokes are played off the lowest handicap
One red player against one blue player.
Lowest handicap player tees off first.
This round of golf is scored hole by hole.
The lowest net score wins the hole.
The player who wins the most holes, wins the match.

 Six Six Six August 6
The team is an ABCD foursome (one player from each flight)
1 best ball on the first six holes (holes 1-6)
2 best balls on the 2nd six holes (holes 7-12)
3 best balls on the last six holes (holes 13-18)

 Beat the Change August 13
Stroke Play: Gross and Net Prizes
All players whose gross or net scores are better than the gross or net score of the Club Champion will share equally in the sweeps money for the day.
Fun Golf   August 20   
Make your own foursomes. Fun Prizes will be awarded.
Barbeque on the patio following golf.
Red and Blue  August 27
Two Player Scramble Stroke Play
Two player team, red twosome against blue twosome
Each player tees off on each hole.
Team selects the best positioned ball.
Ball’s position is marked, and two balls are placed within one foot of this mark on the same terrain.
Each subsequent shot is made in the same manner until the ball is holed out.
Total gross score minus one-half of combined handicap is your team score.

Hiland GC September 3                                                                                                               
 Stroke Play: Gross and Net Prizes.                                                                 
Sign up for tee times in our Pro Shop; you can make your own foursome.                                                            
 Flights and Prizes: Will be determined by the number of players.

President's Cup  September 10       Tee it Forward
Stroke Play: Net Prizes
This is a one day event for all players.

Fall Guest Day September 17    12:30 shotgun
                 Charity TBA
Cocktails, Dinner  and Awards Ceremony Immediately Following.   
Red and Blue Sept 24                                                    
Nassau Team Match Play                                                                                                                               
Two player teams, Match play- strokes are played off the lowest handicap of the foursome .Each player will play her own ball, and the
better net score of the team will be used on each hole.
The team that wins the most holes, wins the match. There will be points given for
the front nine, the back nine and the 18 holes, hence, a Nassau.      


Pink Box Foursome     October 1                                                    
Stroke Play:  Net Prizes
 2 Best Ball of foursome. Designated players score counts on          
 specific holes.
Snowbird  October 8     12:30 Shotgun Start
Stroke Play: Gross and Net Prizes
Sign up in our Pro Shop; you can make your own foursome
1-2-3 Format:  One best score on par 5’s   Two best scores on par 4’s      Three best scores on par 3’s.
Cocktails, Dinner and Awards Ceremony to Follow

Rain Date Make Up       October 15


Club Championship    August 15&16
Stroke Play    “T” score 
Gross and Net Prizes
36 Hole Competition -2 day tournament
  • Sign up in the Pro Shop
  • Tee Times and will be made up by the Pro Shop
  • First day pairings will be by handicap and second day pairings will be by gross score
  • Gross scores will take precedence over net scores
  • All women golfers with a USGA handicap are eligible to play
1st   Low Gross -Club Champion
2nd  Low Gross - Runner Up
3rd  Low Gross - 3rd Place
1st  Low Net - Net Club Champion
2nd Low Net-   Runner Up
3rd Low Net -  3rd Place
4th Low Net -  4th Place
5th Low Net -  5th Place
 Senior Championships August 8
Stroke Play    “T” score
No Handicaps are used in this competition.
  • All 18 Hole League golfers meeting the age requirement are eligible to play in the Senior Championship. There will be two flights:
    • Senior Flight ages 55-69 years old
    • Super Senior Flight 70 years and over
  • Tee Times and Groups will be made up by the Pro Shop
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Helpful Rules of Play 
  • If you are unsure whether you are proceeding properly on a hole, you may announce you are playing a second ball. Identify the ball you would prefer to count. Play both balls until in the hole. Ask Pro Shop for a ruling. Only applies to stroke play. You may not play two balls in match play.
  • If you intend to mark and pick up your ball to identify it through the green (anywhere but on the putting green) you must announce your intent and have it observed by your competitor.
  • Exchange score cards at the beginning of each match.  Both you and your marker should sign the card at the end of the round.
  • YOU are responsible for knowing your correct handicap for every match.
  • Mark your ball so it is clearly identified as yours
  • If at address your ball is moved by the wind there is no penalty, and you must play the ball as it lies
  • In match play your partner may join the match at any time between holes but not during the play of a hole.
Season Long Events
Birdies and Eagles
The 2014 Birdies and Eagles  Tournament will begin Wednesday, May 1 and go through October 2. The tournament binder for posting will be in the Ladies’ locker Room.
  • Birdies and Eagles should only be recorded when earned while playing in our weekly Wednesday tournaments. 
  • Birdies and  Eagles scored in our Wednesday tournaments should be entered into the tournament binder and will be attested to in the space provided on the back of your personal recording sheet. 
  • Please remember that each golfer is required to putt out to participate in the tournament and is responsible for posting her own scores.
Most Improved
The Most Improved Tournament is an ongoing tournament
 starting the first Wednesday of the golf season and ending
 the Wednesday before Snowbird. The players, who consistently and accurately enter their scores into the computer in accordance with the GHIN system, are eligible for this event.
The winner is determined by the Pro Shop in accordance
with specific USGA formulas pertaining to this event.
At the end of the season, a prize will be awarded to the most Improved Player at Snowbird.

Courtesy on the Course
Pace of Play

The Pace of Play for 18 holes is 4 hours and 15 minutes.

A Ranger will be on the course this year to assist any group that may be out of position. A group is out of position if it’s   not keeping up with the group ahead. If there is an empty    hole ahead, your group needs to catch up. If there are two empty holes ahead, your group needs to let the following group play through.     
If your group is the lead group, you are responsible for setting a pace that will let you finish in 4 hours and 15 minutes or less.
If you are holding up the following groups and your pace is too slow, you should let them play through

Tips for Faster Play

  • Play “Ready” Golf, unless the USGA rules are prohibitive, such as in Match Play competitions.
  • If you’re walking to your ball, take all the clubs you might need.
  • While you’re walking, the driver of the cart should proceed as close to her ball as possible without hindering others in the foursome.
  • Park your cart at the back of the green so you can move away quickly.
  • Leave the green quickly after the last ball is in the hole.
  • Bag your clubs at the next tee.
  • Write down scores at the next tee.
Don’t Be a No Show
 A No Show is a person who signs up to play in a League event and cancels without informing the Pro Shop or fellow golfers.
It causes last minute rearrangements, and it delays the starting   time for everyone in the League event.                                                                       
 Unforeseen emergencies happen. Please call the Pro Shop the day before the event, or no later than 7:00 a.m. the morning of the event.                                                              
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Member                     Home Phone        Other
Binley Jamie   424-5980
Boden Linda 656-9384 926-8080
Bradley Barbara 696-4783  
Bradley Betty 696-2294  
Burhmaster Maureen 668-5725  
Bulman Monika 793-5524  
Burkich Kit 793-0718 791-8646
Clune Sue 793-8591  
Cullum Connie 792-1792  
Dariano Carolyn 668-4785  
Davies Janet 744-9631  
Del Signore Nancy 656-9517  
Duncan Kathie 926-7246 337-6954
Garside Pam 793-8340 791-9740
Gentner Karin   917-887-7507
Gilmour Marjorie 668-9658 774-4418
Goetz Mary 793-8554  
Governale Pauline 792-4719  
Hatch Kris 793-4967  
Hemmett Monica 656-9369  
Hobbs Danielle 656-9694 646-734-1285
Howard Ann 796-4713  
Howard Karen 857-9189  
Hughes Meg 761-0287  
Hyman Nancy 644-3548 201-669-1594
Johnson Lynda     656-9620  
Joy Priscilla     798-8157  
Kirkpatrick Robin     793-8174  
 Knarr  Christine  668-9595  203-247-1284
Lapham  Joan      692-9460  644-9130
Lundgren Sue 792-6303 668-4660
Madej Bette 656-3044  
Mahony Patty 656-3465 973-900-2500
Margolis Carol 656-3040 865-8689
Marshall Tina 798-3309 796-8307
McDonough Charlanne 792-3364 796-1777
Meath Kate 792-2657  
Meckler Dianne 434-8426 668-2557
Morse Sue 656-9594  
Moynihan Joan 656-9005  
Nemer Dale 745-5137  
Niles Connie 793-7658 796-1776
O'Hara Gloria 798-4310  
Paltrowitz Jill 793-5842  
Ross Michele 793-1908  
Ryan Nicole 656-3477 796-1048
Schiavi Wendy 792-4890 376-1879
Vittengl Heidi 793-5666 505-3121
Whitney Carol 793-3733 644-2269
Woodbury Janice 656-3592 772-234-8660
Yaffe Joyce   617-227-2263  
Yarter Jean 580-1349 760-771-1621

Handicap Committee Policy
The Handicap Committee has adopted the following policies to ensure the accuracy of the USGA Handicap System at the Glens Falls Country Club. Any questions regarding handicaps or posting should be directed to the Handicap committee and will be promptly addressed.
  • GFCC golfers will be required to have a single GHIN number. If a member belongs to more than one club, he/she will have to choose one home course for handicapping purposes. (Recommended by USGA) Contact your local golf professional for assistance.
  • GFCC Golfers with handicaps from two different systems will be required to use their lower handicap in all tournament play at the GFCC.(Recommended by USGA)
Posting Away Scores
Posting scores in person immediately following the round at the course where the round is played is the preferred way to expose scores to peer review.
For the few unable to post in this manner, scores may be posted on-line at or returned to Tom Haggerty, Club Professional via mail,   e-mail or facsimile. or fax # 792-8763. For those sending their scores to Tom Haggerty, include your adjusted score, based on the application of Equitable Stroke Control, name of course played, course rating and slope rating.
During the inactive GFCC season, away scores returned by mail, facsimile, or e-mail must be received within four (4) weeks of the date the round was completed and exposed to the same peer review as scores posted in person at the club. Scores may not be returned verbally by phone.
Once the GFCC season has become active, a player may post away scores for their most recent 20 rounds, only if completed within the prior four weeks and only if there were no means of posting his/her score immediately after playing. These scores must be posted in chronological order.

Scoring and Posting Scores
The 18 Hole League encourages every member to post her score directly following play in accordance with the USGA’s Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) system. Whether playing at your home course or not, you must post your scores in the order they were played.
Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) is a system that limits the number of strokes that may be taken on any given hole for posting purposes, relative to your handicap.  For instance, if you are a 25 handicap,    the most you can take on any given hole is an 8, so when posting your score, adjust any scores higher than that down to an 8, then   add your total score and post it in the computer.  Please refer to the chart below for the ESC guidelines.  The chart is also posted next to the computer in the pro shop.
If you cannot finish an entire round, the rules allow for a player to still post a score.  If you have played 7 holes before stopping you must post a 9 hole score.  If you have completed 13 holes you must post an 18 hole score.  The holes that were not played must be scored by taking as many strokes on each unplayed hole as your course handicap allows.  If on hole # 8, a par 4, you get 2 strokes because of your handicap, you would give yourself a 6. 
You must also record a score even if you have picked up on a hole or two.  You must record whichever score is in your mind most accurate……..what you probably would have scored if you had finished the hole OR what you are allowed under ESC. Then post your score in the computer.
Remember, this is for posting your score in the computer for an accurate handicap. For a Wednesday tournament score, everyone must putt out (except for match play) and use their actual score.
ESC Guidelines for adjusting scores
  18-Hole Course Handicap            Max Posted on any hole
                  9 or less           ………….      Double Bogey
                 10 through 19  ………………       7
                 20 through 29  .……………...       8
                 30 through 39  ……………….      9
                 40 through 49   ………………    10

                                                                                                                                p. 19